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Test Program

We have a test program, upgrade halogen bulb to brighter LED headlight for free. Welcome to apply for our campaign!


How to participate in the Crownova test program?

1. Apply for our campaign

Here is our campaign link:

2. Fill in the info of your beloved vehicle

3. Buy and provide your opinion


How does Crownova test program work?

1. Please visit our Amazon store to order the correct size of the headlight bulbs

Here is our amazon store link:

2. Reply us with your order number and order screenshot of your review to this email

3. We will 100% rebate via Paypal within 2 business days after your opinion is successfully posted

Let us know if you have any question or concerns, looking forward to hearing back from you!

What we provide?

Single Beam Pattern which can use High Beam or Low Beam or Fog light

h11 h1 h3 h7 9005 9006 9012 5202

Dual Beam Pattern High Beam and Low Beam

h4 h13 9007 9004

How to find what bulb fits your vehicle [TELL_US_YOUR_VEHICLES(YEAR_BRAND_MODEL)]?

A. Find it Online

1. Visit Automotive bulb finder:


3. Get bulb size for your vehicle

B. Google Search Year Brand Model owner's manuals, such as "2010 Honda civic owner's manual pdf".

Search bulb or beam to quick find bulb size exactly.

C. Send us your vehicle info Year Brand Model and we will reply your ASAP.

How to replace halogen bulb?

Watch Video Online, learn the whole replacement procedure.

A. Visit

B. Pick Your Vehicle

C. Select headlight or high beam or fog light, and watch video.

Note: When your replace halogen with LED, please follow LED bulb installation manual book.

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